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MY BOOK IS OUT! After thirteen months ‘Double Ex’ is finally available at Amazon (paperback and eBook) so I’d be wildly stimulated if you checked it out and bought a copy!
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Nick smirked and invited himself to sit down, ‘So what is it with you and dark, speccy nerds?’ he asked. Lucy panicked, suddenly feeling exposed; she considered her response but her mind was unable to find a starting point. 
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ she answered generically.
He leaned in close and looked deep in her eyes, ‘I do what you do.’
‘And what might that be?’ she asked, too headstrong to admit she could be read so easily.
‘I hunt women of a specific appearance.’
‘I’m not a lesbian, moron!’ 
‘Very funny, but you see that girl over there?’ Nick said gesturing to a pretty olive-skinned girl in her twenties, ‘In five minutes I’m going to talk to her because I want to sleep with her tonight.’
Lucy leaned back in disgust, ‘Go away from me you cretin!’
He wasn’t deterred; he knew he had her where he wanted, ‘I want her because she looks exactly like my ex.’ he said, sitting back to regard her reaction. She remained stone-faced as panic punched her insides; however, her radiant blushing only confirmed what Nick already deduced. ‘I’m going to go all out here, you ready?’ he asked politely knowing she was in his sights, ‘I’m guessing you were intimate with the geek in the glasses who you just said hello to, who happens to look a lot like the guy over there you can’t take your eyes off, who also happens to look a lot like Josh….’ he checked her eyes for a response but she held firm, ‘…who I’m also guessing looks a lot like an ex-boyfriend you’re still very much hung up on.’ 
Lucy closed her eyes wanting to cry; out of anger for having her darkest secret declared in the open and out of relief for the same reason, ‘How could you possibly get all that in five minutes?’
‘I told you. I do the same thing.’


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“This title is one of the most brutally honest books you’ll have the pleasure of reading…”
“A memoir with a difference. I laughed and despaired throughout this book!”

The true story of a single father who embarks on a personal journey like no other following a slide into emotional and financial crisis. As problems mount, internal chaos grows and his young son’s autism worsens, he realises that he himself is his own worst enemy and begins to unearth the true meaning to his life…
Set during the global recession, this stirring true story of a father overcoming his demons for the sake of his children and himself will inspire divorcees, single parents and anyone struggling through their own times of crisis.
‘Beset’ – A modern memoir about an enlightening journey of self discovery.

“99% of this story is true, 1% is outrageous liberty-taking. Although I may only be 99% telling the truth when I say that, I only really remember 1% of what happened.” – Lee Daniel Bullen